Zodiac Typhoon 470 15.4ft Inflatable Boat with Aluminum Floor

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Do you desire an inflatable boat with versatile features? If you do, one of the best pleasure boats on the market is none other than Zodiac Typhoon inflatable boat.

Zodiac is one of the world-renowned boat builders with more than a century worth of experience building inflatable boats. Their boats are highly sought after because they are durable, versatile, and easy to steer. Despite having a long list of different models, The Typhoon 470 inflatable boat is one of the best in the series.

With this boat, you can sail across the water with lightning speed due to the lightweight feature of the boat. It is not bulky and easy to steer. Even if you have to transport it across a long distance to the launch site, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Zodiac 15.4 ft Typhoon 470 is compact and can fit into a car trunk. You don’t need a trailer to haul it all the way as you would do with bulky inflatables or rigid boats. It is also easy to set up and launch.

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Zodiac Typhoon 470 15.4ft Inflatable Boat with Aluminum Floor

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Another huge draw is its navigation qualities. Boaters with limited resources will enjoy using Zodiac Typhoon due to its steering qualities. Suffice it to say that this vessel is the ideal one for pleasure seafarers.

Before we go any further into reviewing it in-depth, let us look at the boat’s specifications.

  • Length: 15.4ft
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Width: 1.90m
  • Hose size: 49cm
  • Maximum (persons): 8 people
  • Maximum horsepower: 40 horsepower
  • Payload: 900 kg
  • Maximum Engine weight: 72 kg
  • Air chambers: 5+1
  • Hose materials: Strongan 1100
  • The package also comes with extra accessories, and they include

Equipment: Inflatable keel, one flush drain, one aluminum support plate for the engine, non-slip aluminum floor and aluminum stringers, one flush drain, buoyancy tube, one front handle and 4 carrying handles, Core reinforcement, under bench bag, electrical air pump, owners manual, swimming bench, fishing rods, launching wheel and lots more.

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Review Zodiac Typhoon 470 Inflatable Boat

Zodiac Typhoon 470 inflatable boat is one of the boats produced by Zodiac, the legendary boat maker. This vessel is designed for explorers, water sports enthusiasts, and fun-seekers who enjoy spending several hours on the water without stress.

The vessel is lightweight and designed to handle a limited degree of turbulence. That is why you can spend several hours on the water and not feel out of place. It is very easy to set up, and you can launch it using the launch wheels it comes with.

Among the package is a manual foot pump for inflating it, but if you want to do it in less time, you can opt for the automatic air pump, which is pumped separately.

Once you have inflated it, you can comfortably navigate the way to the waters and perform your favorite activities like fishing, sailing, and other fun activities.

Also important to note is that Zodiac Typhoon 470 is versatile, so you are not limited to the number of activities you can do. And the mere fact that it is sold at an affordable price means you can buy it even if you have a limited budget.

Features: Zodiac Typhoon 470 Inflatable Boat


Zodiac Typhoon 470 is made with durable Strongan Duotex PVC fabric adjudged to be one of the world’s most economically friendly PVC materials. This fabric is weather resistant and is not susceptible to wear and tear caused by the weather or UV rays. This fabric will stand the test of time If you maintain it according to instructions.

It is very tough, and sharp sands and rocks cannot easily penetrate it. Furthermore, the bottom of the boat is the toughest part of the entire architecture because this is the part that is most exposed to the elements. While other fabrics will begin to unravel when they come in contact with the sun, the Strongan Duotex 1100 PVC is hardened for longevity.

As long as you wash it with fresh water after use and know it away from the sun when not in use, you can expect many years of service.


The keel is inflatable, so as you inflate the boat, the keel will inflate as well. The keel is designed to keep the boat stable when it is on water. Do note that Zodiac Typhoon 470 is not meant for large water bodies like seas and oceans because it is not suited to handle large waves.

But on rivers and water inlets, this boat will hold its own. While other inflatables may become highly unstable when faced with the slightest turbulence, Zodiac Typhoon 470 will remain stable. The crew and other occupants will not feel distressed because of the quality of the keel design.


The floor is made of rigid aluminum for better onboard balance. Air deck floors may be nice but rigid floors are better because they can hold more weight and they also maintain a flat base. The aluminum material is of high quality, which is a huge plus.

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It can accommodate the maximum weight of passengers and gear on board while protecting the chambers below. The quality of the floor structure makes it walking and sitting easy even when the vessel is in motion.

Air Chambers

This bombard typhoon boat has five air chambers and an extra emergency chamber to make a total of six chambers. This design increases the safety value of the boat, but why?

The chambers are designed independently so that the compromise of one chamber will not lead to the compromise of another. In the event of an accident and one or two chambers are punctured, the others will keep the boat afloat until it reaches shore.

The chamber tubes are protected by a Hugh quality valve. You can fill up all the chambers by opening the valve and shit it up after you are done. We also like the fact that filling the chamber tubes with air is relatively easy, especially if you use an automatic air pump.

Maximum Capacity

The maximum passenger capacity of this inflatable boat is 8 adult passengers, which is quite a lot for a 15.4ft boat. The seats are orderly and arranged for comfort with enough legroom. This makes Zodiac Typhoon the go-to boat for a significantly large traveling party. And the good news is that even when filled to capacity, it stays afloat due to the high-quality chamber tubes.

This is an ideal boat for family picnics, sailing, tubing, and other fun activities. The buoyancy is centrally balanced, and as long as the weight is evenly spread out, all aboard have nothing to worry about.


The maximum horsepower you can use is a 40hp motor engine. This engine is strong enough to power it at maximum weight capacity across a long stretch of water as long as the fuel tank has the needed fuel to do so. However, outboard motors is not sold with the boat but sold separately. You often can find a proper one on sale.


Also included in the package are accessories for immediate use, which include 2 oars, a foot pump, a carrying bag, a repair kit, a compact floor, and an oar and bench mount. If you want the other extra accessories, you will have to order them separately.

Pros of Zodiac Typhoon 470 Inflatable Boat

Maximum Loading Capacity

Zodiac Typhoon 470 has maximum loading capacity and can carry up to 8 people. This allows it to carry so much weight and is still capable of maneuvering its way across tiny spaces and uneven surfaces but not taking in water. The buoyancy makes this possible, which is much greater than what a traditional boat can handle.

Rather than spend more money on two smaller vessels with lower loading capacity, you can pay for this one and enjoy a greater value. The collapsible seats allow you to remove seats you don’t need to create more space for your gear.

Highly Stable

For years, boaters dreaded inflatable boats because they felt they were not as durable as rigid boats, but as time went on, they warmed up to the idea of using inflatable boats because they were safe. Zodiac Typhoon is highly stable with a low center of gravity.

This gravity level makes it almost impossible to capsize, even in unstable water. Are you a diver or a fisherman, and do you like to fish or dive in regions with fast-moving currents? We are sure that you will like this boat. Its stability is quite reassuring because your safety is guaranteed all through the time you remain on the water.

Practical design

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The practical design makes it one of the best inflatable boats on the market today. It is not as bulky as many other boats of its size so you can store it in limited space in your garage or somewhere in your home.

Its collapsible tube and floor make it very easy to transport in your car trunk. Besides, towing is very easy. Another area where you will appreciate its practical design is in the area of speed. Its lightweight fiberglass is lighter than traditional vessels meaning it can cover more distance in less time. But do note that it will not be as fast as it should be if it is fully loaded.

An economic choice

For the price, it is sold for and the value it provides, Zodiac Typhoon 470 is an economic choice for boaters who want to enjoy the excitement of sailing but do not want to spend too much money on acquiring a boat. This versatile boat is a jack of all trades if you ask us.

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You can use it for surfing and other water sports like tubing and diving. It is also useful for angling. Moreover, it has significant resale value, so if you choose to sell it later, you can be sure of selling it for a good price.

All Zodiac boats have significant resale value because they are highly demanded by buyers who know their value.


We also had to include this as part of the pros because it is worth mentioning. The fittings,hull, transom, tune, and floor are lightweight, and when merged together, they do not increase the overall weight of the boat to make it too heavy. So much so that it is three times much lighter than fiberglass boats of the same size.

It is easier to steer, and it moves much faster across the water. Making it a user-friendly and efficient pleasure boat.


It is relatively easy to maintain. All you need do is wash with fresh water after your time at sea to remove algae and salt deposits from the body, leave to dry, and then pack up afterward. Stitching it in the case of a tear after you notice any is also relatively easy. This is a boat that will not give you a maintenance headache one bit.

Easy To Set Up

Setting it up is one of the easiest things you will ever do, even if you have never done it before. The user manual makes it a straightforward process, and your boat can be ready for water in under 20 minutes. The same is true if you want to deflate it for the return trip home. The process is made easy for the average user.

Cons of Zodiac Typhoon 470 Inflatable Boat

The Weight Impact Speed

It may be designed to move fast on water, but the speed will be significantly reduced when loaded in excess. This can be a problem if you want to cover more ground in less time. A workaround for that will be to reduce the number of passengers and gear on board to make it lighter.

Extra Accessories Have To Be Paid For

The extra accessories have to be paid for, which are far better in quality and more useful than those that come with the boat. This will increase your budget if you want all of them.

Requires regular maintenance

Zodiac Typhoon 470 requires regular maintenance; otherwise, it will fall apart. Regular washing with fresh water is required, which can be a thankless chore, particularly after a long day. It also has to be properly dried before you warp it in the carry bag.


Zodiac Typhoon 470 inflatable boat is a tried, tested, and trusted vessel for pleasure boaters. You can use it for different activities like fishing, diving, sailing, and a few water sports. You can also use it to explore locations not very far from the coast. This bombard vessel is a budget-friendly choice for buyers who don’t want to spend much but enjoy the value of an amazing boating experience.

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Zodiac Typhoon 470 inflatable boat FAQ

How many people can Zodiac Typhoon 470 boat carry?

This bombard boat can carry up to 8 passengers at a time. But carrying more passengers will reduce its speed.

What is its maximum horsepower?

The maximum horsepower engine is 40hp. If you intend to fit it with a much stronger engine, we recommend you consult an expert first for advice.

What fabric is it made of?

Zodiac Typhoon 470 boat is made of Strongan Duotex 1100 PVC fabric. This fabric is stronger than most PVC fabrics used today.

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