Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat Review

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Are you looking for a convenient family boat to have a fun-filled summer? Sevylor Fish Hunter inflatable boat review is here for your rescue! The boat’s name itself explains what it should be used for! Sevylor Fish Hunter is increasingly popular among people who are avid fishers. It is quite popular among fishing enthusiasts because of its outclass features, extra-durable body, stability, and high performance. The boat is available in three sizes.

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Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat

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Sevylor manufactures Fish Hunter in two variants: the Sevylor 360 for 6 people and the Sevylor 280 for 12 people. The boat features some excellent quality features, which are listed down below:

Berkeley Rod Holders

These adjustable mounting rod holders allow the fisherman to leave their poles unattended for long periods of time. These holders are very useful accessories. These are provided to you free of cost once you purchase the Fish Hunter; hence, the inflatable fishing boat is a steal at this price!

Air Chambers

A total of 5 air chambers are in the boat. A high number of air chambers increase safety for the passenger because even if one of the chambers fails, the rest of them would be functioning to do the job.

Oar Locks

When the oars come in contact with ocean currents, the oarlocks can be used to twist the oars so that you have a firm grip on them.

There’s No Question About the Quality

Sevylor ensures all the boats are quality tested and unique in design. Each and every model has a beautiful exterior that speaks volumes about the creativity that’s put into producing the stunning piece. All their releases have a classy exterior and interior design. But Sevylor inflatable boats are not only perfect in terms of looks; they are far better when it comes to comfort. The seats are extremely comfortable, and the keel is made from a highly durable material that strengthens the boat. There is absolutely no question about the quality and comfort level of the boats as they are manufactured using commercial-grade PVC. From river-running Kayaks to bright-colored beach balls, Sevylor has established its strong footing in the industry.

1 theres no question about the quality

The same is the case with Sevylor boats being supplied today; all of them are perfectly suited to people’s needs, are easy on the pocket, and are easy to carry and clean! If you’re looking for an inflatable boat or kayak for recreational purposes, we will highly recommend you invest your money in Sevylor boats. Customer reviews for these boats have been good, and those can vouch for the quality of the boats.

This backpack boat is extremely easy to carry; you can pack and unpack it in simply no time! This all-in-one pack has everything you need to have in order to have an amazing fishing trip. Want to know more about this extraordinary fishing boat? Walk through the end of this article with us!

Features Of the Fish Hunter

The Fish Hunter 360 is a bigger and modified version of the Fish Hunter 250 and 280. The new model has about 63% more capacity than the previous versions. In this article, we will be talking about the Fish Hunter 360.

The Durability and Quality

There remain no questions about the durability of this boat because it is constructed using commercial-grade, 32-gauge PVC fabric. This fabric is renowned for the toughness and rigidity it adds to the boat. Whether the boat moves against sharp rocks or scrapes against hooks, the Fish Hunter will survive it all. However, it does not mean that you deliberately move the boat against sharp surfaces because the Fish Hunter is, after all, an inflatable boat!

In the unfortunate situation when the boat does get punctured, there are five air chambers available to get the boat moving. This boat outstands all other inflatable boats because it has the highest number of air chambers installed. The chambers, along with their functionalities, are listed down below:

  1. The standard chambers.
  2. One chamber to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  3. Chambers to stabilize the boat.
  4. There are two lateral chambers added to the bottom of the boat that help in better tracking.

Another feature highlight is the Boston valves which allow quick and easy inflation and deflation of the boat. The valves are quick and efficient one-way check valves because they have 2 ports. Therefore, if you’re a fishing enthusiast but also a workaholic, you must be looking to save time every now and then, which is why this boat might be just the right pick for you. You will require less than 20 minutes to inflate the boat and even lesser than that to deflate it.

Coming onto the rowing… what sort of experience does this provide while rowing? One of the outstanding features is the wrap-around grab line of the Fish Hunter. Grab lines are generally used in lifebuoys and rescue boats. To further secure the Fish Hunter for passengers, Sevylor has added grab lines! After analyzing all these features, we realized that the boat provides really good value at this price!

What Accessories Will You Get with The Boat?

Apart from the Boston valves, fishing rod holders, and grab lines, there are some more cool accessories that the Fish Hunter brings with it. There are two inflatable seats, a repair kit that has useful stuff for emergencies, a gear bag, four drain plugs, some chafing pads, a battery pouch, four oarlocks to secure the oar, and many more!

What Is the Comfort Level of The Boat?

This boat is on top when it comes to comfort. This boat comes with 2 inflatable seats to provide high-level comfort to the fisherman. When the fisherman uses an inflatable seat, he sits in a higher position which is better for smooth rowing. Apart from fishing, the fisherman is also able to cast better.

2 this boat is on top when it comes to comfort

When people are traveling with families, they tend to ditch the inflatable seats as they take up space that could be used to place some additional gear. Fish Hunter has enough space to accommodate your family of six people easily.

The Specifications of The Boat

The Fish Hunter is characterized by a length of 137 inches and a width of 67 inches and has a weight carrying capacity of around 1200 lbs, which is perfect for accommodating 3 adults and 3 children. The boat’s dry weight is around 48 lbs, which is perfect for solo traveling too. The boat won’t get out of the handle when a kayaker is maneuvering it. As mentioned before, there are 5 air chambers (that is the highlight feature) in the boat.

It comes with a cool pack of accessories and a repair kit that is extremely important if the boats get damaged. The pack of accessories contains some pretty useful stuff that will make your ride better by tenfolds!

How Good Is It for Fishermen?

From the eyes of a keen fisherman, how good would this boat be?

The boat has plenty of space to carry fishing gear and supplies-moreover, it is constructed using a high-grade polymer which makes it tough and rigid. Any cracks or sharp objects won’t cause the boat to break. However, you will have to watch out for the hooks as the boat is vulnerable to being damaged by them.

Let’s move on to the bottom of the tube, which is loved by families but not so much by fishers. The underlying reason behind that is that the tube bottom doesn’t provide enough stability for the passenger to stand on it. Moreover, suppose you place heavy luggage on it. In that case, the boat gets imbalanced and tipsy because of improper weight distribution, which is why anglers tend to avoid boats with an inflatable tube bottom. Fishers are fond of solidity, rigidity, and toughness, and so they would love a boat with a hard, stable floor.

What do You Need to Buy To Make Your Ride Better?

Getting a motor for your boat to increase power efficiency is great. You will have to purchase a motor mount to mount it, but this investment will benefit you in the longer run. You can easily buy a motor of appropriate sizing according to your boat. You should choose a motor mount that is just of the perfect length and thickness. We recommend you to get a trolling motor because they allow the passenger to stay in one position when fighting against currents or winds!

3 getting a motor for your boat to increase power efficiency is great

What Customers Have to Say About the Fish Hunter

Customers’ reviews tell that a ride in this boat is definitely a treat! There is an abundance of positive reviews on Amazon for this boat. However, some of the customers pointed out that the boat comes without a proper manual, which is why they have to figure some things out on their own, which becomes a hassle.


  • It is a lightweight boat.
  • It has plenty of storage capacity.
  • There are 5 air chambers installed for buoyance.
  • The oarlocks provide good stability and prevent the oar from falling.


  • The boat comes without a set of oars.
  • Sevylor doesn’t provide a foot pump to inflate the boat.
  • The seats come without a backrest, and that can be uncomfortable.
  • Carry handles are only present on the bow and stern of the boat.

Final Thoughts

This boat is the perfect pick if you’re looking forward to a fun-filled summer! Its high quality and durable nature will please even the most extreme fisherman! With a capacity of 5 to 6 people, this boat could be the perfect addition to add more joy to your life. Be it a day-long fishing trip or a night-long boat journey; this boat will give you the most incredible experience! Moreover, it is safe and stable enough, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps. Even if you are a solo adventurer, it will be easily maneuverable for you! We hope this article helped you to make your decision to buy the exclusive Fish Hunter!

4 this boat is the perfect pick if youre looking forward to a fun filled summer

Buying Guide

Sea Eagle has so many excellent quality boats available, with each model differing slightly in features. You know your budget, and now you are exploring the marketplace to find a great boat for yourself. However, please do not buy the boat simply because it looks appealing to you or because it has a classic design. You should know the things to look for in a boat, such as its storage space, features, durability, and toughness.

Moreover, you should be aware of your own requirements. What sort of boat are you looking for? How many people will you be traveling with? Most importantly, where will you be using the boat? Do you have a location in mind for that? What will be the weight of your gear, approximately? We will be analyzing some of the things you need to consider before buying a boat. You must list your requirements before investing money in the boat.

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Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable Boat

 out of stock
as of 02.10.2022 10:54

How Many People Will Be Travelling with You?

Look for a boat that has enough room to accommodate all the people you are looking to travel with. If you are a solo kayaker, then a boat with a capacity of one would be ideal. In case you are going fishing, you will need a bigger boat to travel with all your family. Sea Eagle has a huge variety of boats from which you can choose the best one according to your required capacity. Go on their website or to your nearest local store and buy the suitable one for yourself!

Where Will You Be Paddling?

If you plan to boat on Class II, III, and IV rivers, you should choose a large boat. Large boats can resist the pressure of rapids. It would be best if you chose a boat that has a high number of air chambers; in case one of the chambers stops working, the remaining would do the job.

Know Its Size

Finally, know the dimensions of the boat. Is it so big that storing it becomes a hassle for you? Or can it be easily stored in your staircase or car trunk? In case your living space is small, you have to consider buying a small boat.


Q) Is the Fish Hunter a kayak or canoe?

Ans. The main difference between a canoe and a kayak is that the paddler is seated in a kayak and uses a bladed paddle, while in a canoe, the paddler kneels and uses a single-bladed paddle to move forward. The Fish Hunter is a kayak because the paddler is seated and uses a double-bladed paddle to propel.

Q) How long can the Fish Hunter last?

Ans. There are no set timings; however, according to customer reviews, it can last for more than 3 years if you use it carefully.

Q) Does high wind make it unstable?

Ans. Yes, the kayak cannot resist high winds because of the absence of a keel. The boat will be prone to get blown away easily, so it is better if the traveler makes use of some anchor lines.

Q) Is it a kayak that is made for speed?

Ans. No, unfortunately. This kayak is not suitable for maxing out speeds because of its small outer hull, which adds additional drag when speeding.

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