Roppongi Quarter

If you’re looking for fun in Tokyo, head to Roppongi, which means Six Trees in Japanese. This part of the city is known for its vibrant nightlife, with many nightclubs, bars and cabarets.

In addition, Roppongi hosts robot exhibitions and shows and various sporting events. You will definitely find something here that best suits your preferences and budget. In the springtime, in the Roppongi area, you can admire the iconic cherry blossom that Japan is so famous for.

The name of the quarter is translated as “six trees”. It appeared around the 1660s. According to one of the legends, trees – six large and old zelkows – marked the boundaries of the quarter. Three trees were felled, the rest were destroyed during the Second World War.

Clubs and other entertainment establishments began to appear here in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. Roppongi was destroyed twice: by an earthquake in 1923 and bombing during World War II. After the restoration of the quarter, bars, restaurants and nightclubs began to appear here again.

Since the 1960s, Roppongi began to gain fame for its many discos, but in the recession that followed the market crash in 1989, many clubs closed. The quarter began to grow and develop rapidly in 2002-2003, when the multi-storey complexes Izumi Garden Tower and Roppongi Hills were built, thanks to which Roppongi began to turn into a business center. The Tokyo Midtown Tower, Ritz-Carlton Hotel and other buildings were soon built.

Today in Roppongi there are many bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, restaurants, clubs with hostesses, cabarets and other entertainment establishments.

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