Brown bullhead

Brown bullhead fishes, or Ameiurus nebulosus, are part of the fish family named ?Ictaluridae?. It is a smooth-skinned fish that is brown in color.

This class of fish is commonly found in the North American continent. They are predominant in slow-moving water bodies around the area of the Chesapeake Bay.


Brown bullheads have small eyes, smooth skin, and eight slender barbells surrounding their mouths, just like the whiskers of a cat. Their body length can grow up to 200-500 millimetres. To identify the brown bullhead, their serrations situated on the edge of their spines are very noticeable features. Likewise, their robust barbs and the pigmentation of their barbels are distinguishable traits of the fish. Their pectoral fins contain a sharp, venomous spine.

Habitat and Lifestyle

They have a strong sense of adaptability and tolerance to different conditions, so they can survive in muddy lakes and ponds.

They can survive in ponds or rivers with low oxygen quality and salinity. They nest close to rocks and vegetation found around the drainage points of the Atlantic and Gulf Slopes.

Their habitat can even be of poor water quality, producing up to 6 thousand offspring in one season in their muddy homes.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

The evening is the best time when you can easily locate the predictable fish. They can be found moving slowly in water with vegetation. This fish is easy to spot and catch using pungent-smelling baits because their eyes are not the best. Getting the line as close to the bottom as possible will help you catch it faster.

Peak Season

They usually thrive after the sun sets, while the water reaches a temperature of 80?F in the months of June-July.

Best Bait

Brown bullheads are not picky eaters. Here are some baits you can use to catch them:

  • Worms
  • Cheese
  • Chicken Liver
  • Sliced-up hot dogs
  • Dough Balls