Brook trout

The Brook Trout is a freshwater fish species that are closely related to the char family. They are a popular game fish in the state of Washington, USA, and can be found in small streams, rivers, and ponds with vegetation on the bottom.

They prefer to live in water bodies that have a cooler climate and are clean, clear, and well-oxygenated. The Brook Trout is a beautiful-looking fish with different color combinations on its body.


The Brook Trout has a distinct feature that gives them a beautiful look ? light spots on a darker background. The red spots circled by blue halos on the side of their bodies and the dark wavy marks on their backs and dorsal fins make them unique.

Its body is primarily a mixture of olive and yellow colors, and the lower fins are red and orange, depending on the species. The average Brook Trout can weigh around 6-8 pounds and measures 10-15 inches.

Habitat and Lifestyle

The Brook Trout can be found along the waters of North Carolina up to Minnesota. You can find these fish in clean and cool rivers and streams, and they come out to the surface during sunrise and sunset.

Brook trout feed on aquatic insects, crustaceans, larvae, beetle, ants, etc. They also eat small fish if they are available.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

If you want to locate Brook Trout, it is crucial to know the type of environment they live in. They thrive most in cool mountain streams as they cannot survive in warmer water bodies for long periods.

You can also find them in clean ponds with a lot of plant growth and trees blocking sunlight. Fly fishing with baits is the best way to catch the Brook Trout.

Peak Season

The best season to fish Brook Trout is from February to April.

Best Bait

  • Grasshoppers
  • Fish eggs
  • Worms
  • Larvae