Black marlin

Black Marlin or Istiompax Indica is a marlin species that can grow up to 15.3 feet which is the standing record till now, with a weight of 750 kg. It is a species of marlin and can be found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Black Marlins are also placed among the fastest fishes!


The most remarkable thing that makes identifying a Black Marlin easy is its sharp-edged sword-shaped upper jaw. Although they are named Black Marlins, they are not entirely black. This sword-like fish has a rather dark-blue color (facing up) and whitish ventral (facing down).

They are among the giant fish species and are speedy swimmers with pointed upper jaws. However, they don?t develop this sword-like jaw until they are older or mature.

Habitat and Lifestyle

Black Marlins are usually found in shallow water bodies close to the coast and on coral reefs. They dwell in temperate waters at 15 to 30 degrees Celsius and at extreme depths up to 915 meters, but many a time, they are caught at water depths of 30 meters.

Since Black Marlin is a large-sized fish and is a carnivore and they feed primarily on dolphins, squids, octopuses, swordfish, mackerels, tunas, etc. They use their sword-like jaw, which is sharp enough to slash and kill their prey.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

Black Marlins live in temperate waters and are found in extreme water depths. They are found mainly in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, which have the perfect temperature for their dwelling.

If you want to catch one, then you will have to boat to a larger water body. And, you will need a much stronger rod and reel to catch the huge Black Marlin.

Peak Season

The peak season of Black Marlin is from November to February.

Best Bait

Best baits to catch a Black Marlin.

  • Small Tuna
  • Bonito
  • Skipjack