Arctic grayling

Found in the waters of Alaska, the Arctic Grayling is a very attractive fish that thrives in freshwater bodies, and it is the only grayling species that can be found in North American waters.

The average Arctic Grayling can grow up to 15 inches long and weigh about 1.5 kilos. Its most distinctive feature is the large sail-like dorsal fin on the upper back.


It is one of the most elegant-looking freshwater fish you can find in the North American waters. Its spotted dorsal fin looks like a boat?s sail, giving it a distinct feature.

This fish can sometimes look yellowish, green, or dark blue, and its sides have black spots. It has a large mouth, and its fins can be red, pink, or orange.

Habitat and Lifestyle

The Arctic Grayling can be found in clear rivers and streams with tributaries that can be useful during the spawning season.

In the spring, they migrate to streams for spawning and to feeding areas in the summer before getting ready to stay under the ice for a couple of months.

They feed on aquatic insects like mayflies, black flies, etc., small fish, salmon eggs, and shrews occasionally.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

The cold Alaskan rivers and lakes are the best regions where you can find a good population of Arctic Grayling. They can be found around rocks and boulder pockets, outsides of bends, etc.

Fly fishing and still fishing are two of the best ways to catch the Arctic Grayling. Since they have small mouths, it is vital to use small spinners and spoons.

Peak Season

The peak season to fish for the Arctic Grayling starts from June till the end of September.

Best Bait

The best baits to reel in the Arctic Grayling are,

  • Spoons
  • Spinner Baits
  • Insects
  • Plugs