Arctic char

The Arctic Char belongs to the salmon and trout family and can be found in oceans, freshwater rivers, and lakes, depending on the breeding season.

It can be found in the Alaskan waters, and there aren?t many that can be found in the wild. They are primarily farm-raised and are used for commercial purposes, and they move to freshwater lakes during the spawning season.


The Arctic Char can be identified by its brown and olive-colored body. It has a dark face with a large mouth that is used for feeding on small fish, insects, etc.

However, this species can differ in appearance depending on their habitats. Some have silver and yellow bellies, and some have black backs with red bellies. The length of their bodies can grow from 10 to 40 cm, and they can weigh around 0.3 to 5 kg.

Habitat and Lifestyle

The Arctic Char is an anadromous species, meaning they spend their initial lives in freshwater but move to saltwater oceans and seas as they mature. They return to the freshwater bodies during the spawning season, usually around the summer period.

The Arctic Char feeds on prey depending on the type of environment they live in. They can consume insects from the water?s surface, larvae, small fish, shrimps, snails, etc.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

Finding the Arctic Char depends from season to season. During spring, they can be found in shallow waters, where they come to feed on insects and small fish. They can be found in deeper and colder areas of water bodies as they move away from the warmth.

Anglers will find it best to catch the Arctic Char using the Fly Fishing technique.

Peak Season

The peak season for catching the Arctic Char starts from the end of September as they return to the water?s surface to feed on insects, larvae, etc., after a long summer in deep waters.

Best Bait

The best bait for catching Arctic Char can be as follows.

  • Pixie Spoon
  • White Hair Jigs
  • Shrimp