American eel

The American Eel is also called Black Eel, Bronze Eel, etc., and its scientific name is Anguilla Rostrata.

It is the only fish in North America born in saltwater and moves to live its adult life in freshwaters. This eel is a catadromous species, meaning that they are born in the ocean and moves to rivers, ponds, and lakes to live their adult life.

Their skin allows them to absorb oxygen even in areas with low water-level, like marshes, mud, etc.


The American Eel looks like a snake because of its body shape. It has a flattened snout, and the face is somewhat compressed.

The jawline is longer than the upper part of its face, and it is a very slippery fish. It is found in different colors, from black to yellow and green. The American Eel also has a large mouth and is slightly oblique.

Habitat and Lifestyle

The American Eel is species that like to dwell in the dark corners of water bodies. Like other eel species, its natural habitat lies mainly in tiny caves, muddy areas, under rocks, etc.

They feed on small fish, insects, crustaceans, worms, etc., depending on what their habitat provides.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

It is not easy to find American Eels as they usually live in deep waters or the nooks and corners of water bodies. You can catch them using fly fishing techniques and spinning.

Once you catch the American Eel, you should dip your hand in dry sand for more grip and grab the eel.

Peak Season

The most common season to catch the American Eel is during the end of the summer season ? from July to October.

Best Bait

American eels use their sense of smell to detect prey, so it is best to use stinky baits like,

  • Worms
  • Chicken liver chunks
  • Juicy Nghtcrawlers