The Albacore is one of the most common tuna species, also known as longfin tuna. Its scientific name is Thunnus Alalunga.

It is a predatory fish that feeds on smaller fish, crustaceans, etc., but is not only limited to those. The pectoral fins can grow quite lengthy as compared to other tuna species.

It is a common fish species that are sought globally for its white meat and can mostly be found all over the world in tropical oceans and seas. They weigh around 33 kgs and have 10-12 years of lifespan.


The Albacore has a body that is pointy at both ends, like a football. Its head is shaped like a cone with a relatively big mouth and large, round eyes.

The color of its body is a little silver-like around the stomach area and grows much darker around the back. Its most distinguishing feature is the pectoral fin on the side of the body, which helps it swim with great precision.

Habitat and Lifestyle

The Albacore is a pelagic tuna fish that is found mainlyon coastal waters and offshore. They roam around the deep areas of the saltwater oceans and seas.

They can be found as deep as 20,000 feet on the surface of the ocean?s floor.

Finding and Catching

This fish can be caught from an inflatable boat or kayak.

You can find the Albacore tuna species around temperate and tropical oceans. So, it is during the summer season when you can find them in abundance.

You can use bait or lures to catch Albacore once you locate their whereabouts. Go out to the sea on a rigid boat as they will not swim near the shores.

Peak Season

The peak season for catching the Albacore tuna species is from June to September. It can also last longer depending on the weather throughout different years.

Best Bait

  • Cedar Plugs
  • Tuna Feathers
  • Rapala Plugs
  • Small Live Prey