BRIS 9.8ft Inflatable Boat with Air Deck Review (BSD 300)

BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft Inflatable Boat Yacht Tender with Air Deck

BRIS BSD 300 boat is a 9.8ft yacht with an air deck floor (high-pressure drop stitch air deck floor). This model raft is one of the numerous vessels in the dinghy class of Benflyworld, with a sitting capacity of four people. It is one of the sleekest vessels by the manufacturer and also one of the most affordable in their arsenal. In this BRIS 9.8 ft inflatable boat review, we want to analyze it in detail to give you a fair idea about the vessel. We hope that after reading our review, you will be in a position to decide whether the vessel is right for you or not. So let’s get on with it.

BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft Inflatable Boat Yacht Tender with Air Deck

BRIS 9.8 ft Inflatable Boat BSD300

$989.00  in stock
as of 27.09.2022 02:38


  • Length: 9.8ft
  • Length (inside): 6.3ft
  • Width: 5ft
  • Width (inside): 26 inches
  • Tuber: 16.5 inches
  • Chamber: 3
  • Maximum persons: 4 adults
  • Maximum capacity: 1102
  • Maximum horsepower: 10hp
  • Boat weight: 84 lbs
  • Floor: Air deck
  • High-pressure drop stitch air deck floor fabric
  • Material: 0.9mm PVC 1100 denier
  • Manufacturer: Benflyworld
  • Marine plywood transom for outboard motor
  • Extra accessories: foot pump, carry bag, repair kit, 1 oar set

Benflyworld’s BRIS BSD 300 is an inflatable boat per excellence. This vessel is tested and trusted and designed to handle the rigors of sailing. It is built with durable fabric that will stand the test of time, and the air floor is high pressure air deck drop stitch floor. With a standard air pressure of 9 PSI for the air floor, this air deck floor is one that will handle the weight of man and gear. The air floor also makes it easy for the user the inflate and deflate the fishing boat.

BRIS 9.8 ft can be used for different marine activities, which is why it is best described as an all-rounder. It is an economic choice for boaters who want a very durable and useful inflatable boat but don’t want to spend too much on one. Let us review its features in detail.


BRIS BSD 300 is made with 1100 denier PVC material with a 0.9mm thickness. This makes it a very durable vessel for rough terrain. PVC remains the standard fabric of this manufacturer, and the thickness makes it relatively immune to sharp seat sand and rock. No matter how rough the terrain may be, the tubes in the chamber will not be compromised.

Floor design

The floor is an air deck floor with a high pressure inflatable feature. This makes it easy for occupants to stand, sit and walk on the deck because it is flat and stable, your feet will not sink into it, but you will maintain balance. BRIS BSD 300 floor is designed to handle the maximum weight of four fully grown adults. But that is not all; the floor is rigid as an aluminum floor but light and can also accommodate extra weight gear too.

There is another 9.8 ft inflatable boats with aluminum floor board: BRIS BSA300 and BSG300.


As is customary with BRIS boats, the marine plywood transom has a triangular splash covering. The splash is designed to protect the holders from exposure to harmful elements like heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Plug Deep V Keel design

The keel has a deep V shape with a rub strake for easy manipulation. This design is common with all the inflatable boats by this manufacturer.


BRIS 9.8 ft has three independent chambers built to keep the vessel afloat. While a single drain valve can be used to inflate and deflate all three, they are not connected to each other but are designed in isolation.

Seam design

The seams are heat welded and not stitched together. The design makes the seams very durable, and they do not loosen or break because of how firm they look. They are also quadrupled to overlap before they are welded together for extra durability.

Additional accessories

There are additional accessories that form part of the  which include

  • Hull
  • 2 aluminum benches
  • Repair kit
  • 2 aluminum oars
  • Foot air pump
  • Carry bag

Pros of BRIS 9.8ft fishing boat

BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft Inflatable Boat Yacht Tender with Air Deck

30 days’ money back

 Buying an inflatable boat comes with a certain degree of risk, but your investment is secure with the 30 day money-back guarantee attached to the purchase of BRIS BSD 300. This 9.8ft inflatable boat is sold with the understanding that if a faulty vessel is delivered to you, then you are free under the terms of the contract to return it and request your money back. This clause only goes to prove that the manufacturer is confident with the quality of the vessel it is selling to the buying public.


BRIS 9.8 ft is a versatile vessel that can be used for different purposes like fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and even for search and rescue missions.

Manufacturer warranty

There is a three-year warranty attached to the inflatable boat. This warranty takes effect from the moment the fishing boat is delivered to you.

Quality materials

The material is PVC 0.9mm 1100 denier with extra polyester support. The quality of the fabric and the extra support it has ensures that it does not break or tear. It is very tough and can withstand harsh saltwater and rough terrains with sharp sand and hard rocks.

Quality seams

The PVC fabric is not stitched but folded four times before it is welded. This ensures that thy do not loosen when exposed to pressure in open waters or UV rays

Air deck floor

The floor is high pressure air deck floor which is stable and sturdy. Your foot or weight will not sink into it, and your gear will remain in place even as the waves rock the inflatable boat from side to side.

Quality accessories

The accessories are of the highest quality, which is another thing we rate highly. The seats are made with high-quality aluminum, and so are the oars. They are coated with anti-corrosion properties so expect them to last for years.


BRIS 9.8 ft is a lightweight vessel that offers you two advantages. The first one is that you can carry it easily in the carrying bag because it is light. Secondly, it is fast on water, especially when you are using the required 10hp outboard motor. You can travel from one point to the next in less time.

BRIS 9.8 ft Inflatable Boat BSD300

$989.00  in stock
as of 27.09.2022 02:38

Cons of BRIS 9.8ft Tender Fishing Raft

BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft Inflatable Boat Yacht Tender with Air Deck

Extra accessories required

You will have to buy extra accessories like two more chairs if you want to operate it at maximum human capacity. This inflatable boat can accommodate four chairs, but only two are provided. This means you will have to buy two more chairs which will cost you some more money.

Foot air pump

The air pump included in the package is a foot pump that requires physical effort on your path to pump the inflatable boat. Moreover, using a foot pump can be a slow process. To speed things up, you may need to buy an automatic pump.

High maintenance

To preserve this vessel, you will have to maintain it at all times, like washing it with fresh water after every trip to prevent salt deposits from weakening the fabric. You also need to keep it away from the sun as much as possible since UV rays are bad for PVC fabrics. All this takes time and effort, but you have no choice if you want your inflatable boat to last.

BRIS 9.8ft boat FAQ

Does BRIS BSD 300 have a Hull ID number?

Yes, it does. All inflatable boats by this manufacturer have ID numbers. Benflyworld attaches the hull identification to the stern of the portable boat. Besides the hull identification number, there are other important pieces of information included in the package that you will need to complete your registration. You will also find the USGC certificate in the user manual.

Can I buy the replacement parts separately?

Yes, you can, but you will have to contact the seller directly. You can also buy a new air deck floor to replace the original one if it goes bad.

Does this portable boat have extra protection?

Yes, it does. The extra polyester support protects it from corrosion, saltwater, and UV rays. This extends its shelf life. It is also resistant to chemicals.

What is the maximum return day guarantee?

The maximum return period is 30 days. After that, you can’t return it again, and the day starts counting from the moment it is delivered to you. It also has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

How long can I use this inflatable boat for?

That will depend on the nature of use and maintenance. On average, this vessel should last for at least 8-10 years, but it may not serve that long if you don’t use it with care. With proper care, it can last for up to 12 years. Avoid leaving it in the sun when it is not in use. Also, do not pack it in the carry bag if it is wet to prevent mold buildup.

BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft Inflatable Boat Yacht Tender with Air Deck


BRIS BSD 300 9.8ft boat is a sleek, lightweight portable boat for your marine adventures. It is affordable, easy to control, and durable. Money spent on this vessel will not go to waste but will serve its purpose. However, you will have to maintain it regularly for it to last.

BRIS 9.8 ft Inflatable Boat BSD300

$989.00  in stock
as of 27.09.2022 02:38
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