Halloween in a Hagwon

Who knew that Halloween was such a big deal in Korea? At the beginning of October our manager reminded us that Halloween was approaching and we’d be having a week-long party at our hagwon to celebrate

Being from the UK (where at our age, Halloween is just an excuse to dress up and get drunk) we were surprised at how much of a big deal the holiday seemed to be in Korea.


Our school was no exception, in fact we were going to be hostingĀ a week-long ‘Halloween Party’ not only for the kids (all 270 of them) but for their parents too.

We decorated every inch of the classrooms on the english floor, with cobwebs on the windows and bats and balloons hanging from the ceilings.

Playing games to celebrate Halloween in our hagwon

As much as we love Korea, it’s pretty superficial. Image is everything here; it was important that the school looked impressive for when the parents arrived.

The kids are easily pleased, it’s the parents who we needed to impress.

Dressed up for Halloween in our hagwon

We spent the week playing ‘english’ Halloween games with the kids (which basically just involved giving them loads of sweets.) The parents were happy and the kids looked ridiculously cute in their costumes.

Here’s a few of our favourite pictures from the week.

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Dressed up for Halloween in our hagwon



We set up different game stations for the kids throughout the classrooms

We set up different game stations for the kids throughout the classrooms






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