About Us

The Ravenous Travellers in Paris

We’re Rosie & Dave, ‘high-school sweethearts’ from the UK with a passion for travel and food.

I do the writing, Dave takes the photos and together we do the eating. Lots of eating.

We’re massive foodies and love trying local dishes from around the world. Brunch is our thing, but whether it’s fine dining in a fancy restaurant or grabbing a quick bite in a back alley – we want to try it.

You’ll find all of our favourite eats on our Food For Thought page, including the best brunch spots and must-try dishes from countries that we’ve been to.

The Ravenous Travellers in Dubai

We specialise in couple travel, constantly on the lookout for romantic getaways and good food.

Scroll through our blog and you’ll find travel guides, tips and tons of food recommendations. If reading isn’t your thing, check out our Travel Videos.

We hope that our adventures will inspire you to do some travelling of your own.

Want To Know More About Us?

Our first real backpacking experience was in 2011 when we visited South East Asia for four months. I guess you could say that’s when we got the travel bug, as cliché as it sounds.

40+ countries later and we’re still far from completing our bucket list.

The Ravenous Travellers in Korea

After graduating from university, we had absolutely no desire to settle into full time work in the UK.

In 2015 we took the plunge and moved to South Korea to Teach English, it was the perfect way for us to earn money and see some more of the world.

We spent two years living, teaching and exploring in Korea.

Not only was it one of the best experiences of our lives, we were also able to travel to Malaysia, JapanVietnamthe Philippines and Hong Kong whilst working full time in Korea.

Where Are We Now?

The Ravenous Travellers in Amsterdam

We’ve been based in the UK for the past couple of months, exploring more of Europe whilst planning our upcoming trip to India, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

If you want to know more about where we’ve been, need help planning a trip or just want to say hello – we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch at ravenoustravellers@gmail.com or drop us a message on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

 Join us as we make our way around the world – one meal at a time.